Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"This is a Christian nation"?

“This is a Christian nation”?

How often have we heard or read these words? It is usually expressed with an air of defiance---sometimes arrogance. What does the expression mean?

Does it mean that everyone in this nation is a Christian? Obviously not. Does it mean that our government is Christian? This cannot be because our country’s controlling document, the Constitution, does not mention Christ or Christianity. Does it mean that our country’s laws are based on “Christian ideals”? This is partly true, but it is not sufficient to call this a Christian nation when the same ideals are found in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, humanism and other philosophies.

So, what is the intended meaning of “this is a Christian nation”? Could it be that the one who utters these words is trying to give power (essence) to his personal religious preference, Christianity, out of fear that it might be losing its dominence over other religious or non-religious groups? If so, how can a non-believer respond to this without widening the divide? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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At Sunday, June 14, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christians vary from Quakers to Episcopalians to Anabaptists to Roman Catholics who founded our nation. Don't forget the French Huegonots, the divine rights of Kings Anglican Church of England and German Lutherans & the Brahman Unitarians of Boston along with Universalists who do not do hell. To lump all these disparate groups under the "xian nation" label is insane. Charleston was the original Jewish friendly "colony" as a primary commercial enterprise, not a pilgrim activity as was Virginia or Massachusetts. Telling the truth about colonists is one thing, the US Constitution is a completely godless document, so screw all the theocrats who pretend our nation is a christian experiment. President Madison said it best that our nation was founded to prevent the "indolence of clergy" and the "horrors of European crusades." We do that as Americans by keeping religion a private affair and our nation a neutral gov't which favors no reliigon over competing religions thus Atheists are equal to all others. Larry_Carter_Center@yahoo.com 843-926-1750


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