Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Creation Viewpoint


The question of the ages is: how did all this get here and from whence did the universe come? My thinking has led me long ago to the position which follows.

If we say that the universe must have been created and the only possible creator is God, then we are still left with the question: where did God come from?

It seems to me that any answer which might be given to the second question could, and should, be given to the first question. It also seems obvious that any attempt to answer the question (thus far in man’s existence) is mere speculation. Terms such as "eternal", "forever", and "infinite" are words invented to indicate the limits
 of our awareness and comprehension. Our minds are able to grasp concepts such as "death", "the end", "passing" because we can see this happening, but we have no grasp of beginnings or origins beyond a few billion years. In short, we just don’t know.

If the idea of an originator/creator helps you to sleep better, then hang on to it. As for me, I have no use for it.

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