Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where Are We Headed?

Where are we headed?

This scenario is offered with the hope it will help us to focus on the issues of government and social concerns. Most people, the world over, would say that they want (1) everyone to have access to proper health care, (2) everyone to be able to make an adequate living, (3) everyone to have sufficient food, clothing and housing, and (4)everyone to have access to a good education.

Let’s suppose that a benevolent world leader comes along--one whom everyone and every nation trusts. Let’s say that this benevolent leader becomes President of the world, and let’s say he proposes a plan to accomplish all the desired goals (1-4 mentioned above), and that this will require that everyone be taxed enough to pay the costs, the wealth will be equalized, and that this will leave to every adult the equivalent of $10,000 (in today’s dollars) for discretionary spending--for things like computers, the internet,TV, transportation, more than 2 pairs of shoes, entertainment, a bigger house than the essential minimum, gifts, education beyond that provided by the government, the ability to choose to have surgery that is more expensive than the average.

Would you be in favor of such a system? How about if the limit on discretionary funds were only $5,000 per person per year? How about $2,000? How about $100? If you do not say Yes to all of these, then where would you draw the line? And how would you make such a decision knowing full well that to draw a line will mean that somebody will have a lower standa d of living than you?

Suppose you know that, if such a plan were instigated, people would no longer
have any reason to (1) work harder, (2) be smarter, (3) risk what little capital they may have. Would you still be in favor of it? What do you think would happen to those people who, in a limited capitalist society, would have been entrepreneurs, business starters, risk takers, product creators, but now have no incentive for personal gain? What would happen to the need for workers (jobs) or the demand for anything other than food,clothing and shelter?

If you think that this scenario is not about to happen, then where do you thnk we are headed?

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